The! New! Plague! – #11

 I am drunk as fuck [Editor’s note: Started writing this post this weekend. Now sober. Some of this was made drunk….this should be clear]

Bloodsport is an AMAZING movie.  In snotty film circles, alot of talk is made about, The Passion of Joan of Arc and how it frames the human face. You learn about it in film school. And its mostly true. There aren’t a ton of films that are its equal. I would argue Bloodsport is its equal. Watch the movie again and this time just pay attention to how it frames the human face. I’m telling you you will learn just as much about the human condition in this film as you would in Passion of Joan of Arc. 

 DO IT. DO IT NOW. THE PRESIDENT SAID IT. DRINK THE FUCKIN BLEACH ASSHOLE. DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INJECT IT IN YOUR TAINT! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness, I like to pretend not to be surprised, but this is just fucking dumb. The Immortan is a dumb dumb man. He likes the sound of his mouth so he just spitballs shit. I imagine he did this all the time in the Trump Administration. But the difference is he is the FUCKING PRESIDENT. He is the opposite of the kind of person you want to run to in this type of crisis.

Jesus christ he is a gigantic piece of shit.


 This weekend was fuckin rough. I had work all weekend. My son is being a jackass. This morning, he woke up at 4am. Wide awake. Ready to start his day. 

Its just like….I kind of wonder if the crisis is just going to wear whats left of my mind down. Maybe……

You know, I am ok if the southern states end up being ok after opening WAYYY to fucking early. For whatever reason, if people get paranoid and keep doing the right thing, and we don’t see the cases go nuts….I would be happy with all that. 

But, the realist in me is like. Shit is going to get stupid. More people will get sick because of this. And no one will learn anything….

Where was I…….

Oh yeah, It would be nice for life to get back to normal….it wont man. Normal is gone. We will settle into a new normal in years. I hope my mind lasts that long.

To KEEP what sanity I have left, I have removed myself reality in two ways. First, D&D 5e. With the upcoming Baldur’s Gate 3 being highly anticipated by yours truly. I’m stuck at home, so I made my non-essential quarantine purchase. I got the 5e books, and I am slowly going through them. Building a character, taking notes. Etc. 

Bard is fuckin broken right now, so that is where I am thinking. 

Told some friends of mine, and now we gunna get a Zoom D&D group going. I am so stoked…even if it falls through, its nice to dream. Nice to build a story and learn mechanics. 

I suppose this is why people are baking bread. Its like putting your energy to something constructive. 

Here’s some D&D shit.

The other thing I am doing is I have gone back to WoW. Its been an excellent turn. Frost DK is like living a character from a metal album. Already dead, frozen, its amazing. I don’t think I have ever felt this way about a character. Walking death. Feels right for the plague. 

Hoping to carve out time for it at night. For a taste of it, here is some shit that the genius put together. Its dope. 

 [Editor’s note: There was going to be a dope ass video of the exploits between the Genius and myself. We are currently fighting the good fight of copyright strikes, so it will make the next edition. Don’t want to leave you empty handed, so here is the rant he wrote as the Youtube description during one of the upload attempts:

9% uploaded and already 23 Copyright Strikes.
NO MONEY! NONE! They expect me to create everything from scratch. You’re watching this video. Does it look like I possess any skill whatsoever? I mean, I edited it to show just the wins. This way I can at the very least cry myself to sleep and dream that I’m halfway competitive. But, I know the truth. I just checked the Doomsday Clock; it says we are already half past Boomer Midnight. It’s true what they say, you can’t teach an old dog jack shit. I can’t compete with the reflexes of the youth. Hell, it takes me damn near 11 months just to juke the annual prostate exam, which takes money. I can’t stress enough that this video produces no income. None. Even in a pandemic, Universal, Sony, and Warner are on top of their copyright game. Because, you know all those people wanting to steal music with a bunch of loud ass WarCraft sounds in them. Can’t have that, no sir. No money. None.

Yup. Thats the good shit. Actual video comes next issue]

Thats it for now. Lets hope this week goes smoother. Take care of yourself out there. 


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