The! New! Plague! – #10

So what the fuck happened in Oil yesterday? Supply shock is the name of the game. We got so much of the stuff that no one can store anymore. Not the refineries. Not even the fucking federal government. Unlike most financial services things, commodity contracts are physical. What some fuck in a trading house in Chicago going to take possession of 50,000 barrels of crude? Nope. Chicago river is polluted enough. 

As a result, yesterday. But this begs to question. We are already here. Capacity is at its limit. The immortan says he will increase the size of the strategic petroleum reserve. But, you can’t keep it going infinitely. Fuckin Russia and Saudi Arabia decided to take on the world. If we cure COVID-19 tomorrow thats not going to solve this. 

Strap in, and wait till this time next month when the June contracts come due. 

Speaking of taking on the world. The GOP has decided to turn on the meat grinder and throw people in it. Fuckin LEEEROOYYYY KEMMMPINNNSSS is the first out the gate.  And so now we have the real question. How many people are the pro-lifers willing to kill to keep the economy going. 

Apparently Christians have no fucking morals. People just going to fucking die. And I suppose thats the point they are making. They are against abortion cause they need more fodder to push the broom at Wal-Mart so it can keep trading high. 

We need to have a broader economic discussion. This is a once in a hundred year disruption event. The economy can’t be saved. We need to build something new out of this. But the old will not let things die, like they should. Instead we will prop up more old institutions and the cycle will keep on turning. Till shit breaks apart. 

And shit is getting closer to breaking apart. 

And now a live view at my house

children yelling

Except its just one kid

I think we have hit a maximum mental capacity. Each of us has fucking lost it. This is part of my fear with all these governors getting stupid. That like, if my wife goes back to work and my son goes back to daycare, it will be normal-ish for a bit…..then one of us gets dat rona. Then we all have it. 

Dunno what to do. Everyone understands this is a long haul thing, but each of us are past our breaking point…..I suppose there is always the liquor.

In end of the world news, PBR made their own whiskey.  We are truly on the dumbest timeline. 

Lets talk about the concept of a guilty pleasure. I think its a weird term. Cause it basically just means you like something that you shouldn’t for a reason that is usually judgement of others. Shame springs eternal, and that extends for media. 

With that in mind, lets talk about Whip It, another movie that pulled back in as a result of my journey through comfort shit.  Been a hot minute since I watched it, and I have to say, I still think its decent. I mean they are definitely precious about the whole punk derby girl aesthetic, but it never feels overbearing. Kind of an organic fall into the world.

Sometimes, a movie just needs to be hang. I think I really enjoyed Whip It just because it was nice to hang in Roller Derby Austin of the late 2000s as opposed to the plague ridden world of the present. 

Thats it for now. Stay safe out there. Keep wearing masks. Keep washing your hands. If your govenor tells you to go back out and consume, maybe don’t. Maybe think about anyone you care about who needs you to NOT do that.  That is all. 


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