The ACTUAL Lessons from Baldur’s Gate 3

I have seen a ton of these clickbait articles about how since the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 that gaming itself has to be rethought. That everything is different now, all this shit.

None of that is true. I wanted to cover a few things that I am fairly confident will happen.

Sure, a AAA developer will try to make a CRPG… it will be very different

These big companies OWN companies who have made CRPGs. Obsidian (MSFT), Bioware (EA). There are plenty of people who will make one. Sure. It wont be the same thing at all.

For one thing, any corporate head will look at a game like BG3 and their first reaction is “you left money on the table.” Meaning, you gave too much to consumers without taking enough dollars.

The successor CRPG will either be microtransactioned to hell or divided up piecemeal to make the full game cost three or four games worth of money. Like I am sure that any private investor or corporate acquisitions demon looks at BG3 and goes “three acts, should have gone for $60 each.”

In addition to fleecing the customer, they are going to cut corners on story. Larian knew after Divinity OS 2 that their weak spot was writing. So they got Telltale. They got voice actors. They had randoms do mocap.

You already see studios clamoring for more AI. Do you think the end result will be equivalent? Its just about more profit.

Indie developers will bear the brunt of comparison

Any indie game that takes a long time will be compared with BG3, and people will expect the results. For example, I can see the inevitable articles if Star Citizen is ever released that BG3 was developed and released within 1/3-1/4 of the development cycle for that game.

That may be a bad example because people go to that game for other reasons. But, other developers who decide to rely on story. For sure they will get the comparison. Whether it is justified or not.

BG3’s impact will be in the little things

No one is going to try to beat Larian at their own game. Not owlcat. Not anyone.

I think its effect will primarily be in small tweaks. I expect more games to give players a bit more control. Nothing will be this expansive, but I think Larian has shown how just thinking about how the players will act just a little can give you an advantage in how you develop a scenario.

I totally see games rewarding players for making certain decisions. Punishing them harder for choosing to do the bad thing. Hell, I definitely see someone taking the horny queues off of BG3.

None of these little moves will add up to something as expansive as BG3, but it’ll be where it’s impact is the most felt.

The next few “Game of the Year” winners will feel weaker/It will be a long time before there is something this big again

To me this is the saddest part of the deal. This is game is a GTA3 style event. Something that pushes gaming forward. The kind of game that gets talked about years later. It will be a long time before another watershed event.

I personally feel sorry for next year’s Game of the Year. I am sure it will be good….this year was TOO good. Whatever game it is will look like complete dogshit by comparison.

You can’t always have the great ground shift every single year. But it does make me sad a little. To know itll be years. When you are in the in-between, you don’t really feel it. But being in it. Is going to suck.

A closing thought. I don’t want to lesson the current impact of this game. This game deserves all the praise. Hell I am on my 4th run through of the game now, and it still hasn’t gotten old.

I just think people overestimate where gaming is right now.

BG3 is a game that is entirely counter to not just where gaming is but where all media is. It is most definitely on the wrong side of history. And I think that is why it has made such a splash. It feels refreshing to see something that is built to last. Like finding a refrigerator still running after 40 years. Some things are built for endurance.

That is all.

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