Songs that create an awkward situation with your boss

Has this happened to you?

You have to take a ride in the car with your boss. The boss plugs in his/her phone into the charing cable in the car. The AirPlay works its magic. And then this starts playing LOUD…

And your boss goes…”IM SORRY IM SORRY.” Your boss turns it off after about 10 seconds, but the damage is done. How do you recover from that?

 This recently happened at my household, so I started a spirited discussion with one goal in mind. WHAT WOULD BE WORSE?. My mind immediately went here [Editor’s note: for the rest of this post, all thats important is the first 10-20 seconds)

But comedy doesn’t hit as hard as you think it would in the first 10-20 seconds. Like yeah, this song is raunchy, but it doesn’t get real strong till further in. You need something that hits you really hard in the first 20 seconds. Plus if its well known, like The Lonely Island, everyone knows it. So its far less weird. Then, I thought of something like this

But even this, is almost too easy to explain now. Like, metal, even the most strong shit, is so widespread, and music tastes have gotten so broad that it would have no effect. Everyone would just be like, “oh they like metal. Thats not for me, but ok.” It wouldn’t be a thing except to be like “Our boss likes metal.”

Then it hit me. It has to be ultra awkward. And the only thing thats ultra awkward really fast is like fuckin music. 

Upon having that thought, the real awkwardness finally hit me. Imagine the same scenario. Car. Boss. Phone. You plug in and start having a serious conversation. And the music just cuts in. Like “Oh what is happeneing to those children in camps at the border is awful…”

There is ABSOLUTELY NO recovery from that. It will cause an irreprable split. Inflicting damage that will never be repaired the entire time you work there. You will be forever talking about your boss hitting you with the fuckin music when you trying to talk about serious shit. 

Then it ACTUALLY hit me

Same scenario. Car boss blah blah blah. “I don’t think that war with Iran is inevitable. We can get out of it with some smart diplomacy. The Iranian people…”

Ultimate destruction. Nothing will be worse. You can smell this song a million miles away. The awkwardness will fill your mind like a plague, and you will just hear that saxaphone anytime your boss talks. Real Ultimate Power. You got to get a new fucking job. Too bad. Its all over. 

 I want nothing more than other people’s input. So I pose the question to you. What is worse? Hit me on the email. My expectation is nothing. Prove me wrong. 


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