Social media needs to go away

time to stop

Social media needs to fucking stop. Nothing good has come of it since it got fancy. 

But lets back up. I think the internet hit its peak right around right around 2003. Lets take a trip in the wayback machine. ICQ was dead. Myspace existed but was so brokeass it was only good for making people hear the same shitty songs over and over. Napster had died and was replaced by Kazaa and Limewire, which Really, the best way to get in touch with the largest group of people possible was mIRC. 

Look at that. Look how glorious it was. Of course it was mainly used to make stealing shit easier so you didnt have to go to Kazaa or Limewire, but I digress.

To alot of people, this may seem barbaric. It was over a decade ago. Technology to interface with people has gotten so much better. We can now communicate with vast armies of people. Let them see our baby pics or the avacado coffee we had the other day. 

But is it good for us? Its like the prophecy from the Right Saint Jeff Goldblum: we were so preocupied with whether or not we could do something we didnt stop to think if we should.  

In the early days of twitter and facebook, it was fun. Alot of stupidity. Yelling out stupid shit on the internet. It was fun. Somewhere around 2010-2012…the fun began to stop. It began to be about creating an impression of yourself on the internet. Employers would check your fucking facebook so you couldnt stay stupid shit like “Dogg I was so drunk that I shit in my car” or something [Editor’s note: The Right Reverend does not directly state if he shit in someones car from being too intoxicated, but we assume he did].

Also everyone is too god damn serious on the internet. Everything has to be 100% on the up and up all the time. Cant talk shit or be stupid. I went to catholic school and the internet right now feels like those times when you knew a teacher was near by so you couldnt say the dumb thing you wanted to say so like you mumbled and shuffled along. Social media today is like having the teacher over you all the time. 

So as a result, its now manifested itself in real life. Everyone is pissed off at everyone else for everything all of the time. There is no celebration of togetherness. No like pokemon singing MSI’s bitches. I mean that shit is still there, but it fades away the second the next celebrity has a gap in their knowledge about something and manages to offend the body of the internet. 

I dont think its a good idea to have this many people together all the time. I think the mIRC era was right because things were contained. You could only get like 200 people in there max. You couldnt spread dumb shit about how vaccines will make you pee hot sauce or whatever the fuck is on FB now. If you saw that shit in an IRC you would just change channels. Ifyou saw it on a myspace, you would just not go back to that persons page. If someone had it as their AIM away message, you would just make fun of them for it. Directly. 

So dear congregation, thats why I am going off social media. Except when I am fucking drunk as fuck. Then thats what the social media buttons will be for. 

Oh, if you dont like this, think I am a luddite, or just fighting the wheels of progress. I am. Too bad. Eat shit. 

I will leave you with a hymm from the Kazaa era. 

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