Remember Fun?

Remember it?

Like remember when shit was fun? Remember when fucking things just were a good time? When you could just chill, catch something entertainment.

And this isn’t like a million years ago thing, its well within recent times, even pre-pandemic.

I can see I’m not being clear. Let me give some examples. As usual, I’m going to go with the shit I like…pop culture. Lets dive in.

Video Games

By and large, new video games aren’t fun, and they are fucking making them that way. For example, look at one of the biggest video games on planet earth right now.

There is nothing fun about any of this.

I have friends who SWEAR by the dark souls franchise. I can’t imagine anything fun about struggling to combat a system that was clearly designed to be fucking miserable to endure.

Dunkey has a line (in a video I can’t find at the moment) that developers have been doing everything they can to avoid fun. And it seems to be the case. All games are made to cater to esports bullshit or people who like impossible as fucking gaming.

Like the shit I was complaining about last week with World of Warcraft. That was a game that often accidently fell into fun. In MoP, you had all these cool toys and a whole island of pvp madness. Hell, even BfA had world PvP rewards and events. Did they keep or improve any of that…nope, too much fun. Here, making gearing a fucking slog to where you even hate the fact that you exist. It is totally possible to have your cake and eat it too here, but nope we can’t piss off the HARDCORE GAMER.

The counter argument I have heard is about my love of Divinity II. Cause yeah, that game starts out hard. But its not impossible. Its a game designed to reward cheese, so if you can solve a problem in a way the devs didn’t intend, you can be rewarded.

But what people who say that forget is that, that game’s power creep is INSANE. You become as close to a literal god as possible in any video game. You get fucking STRONG AS PISS and its a good time. Its a good time to fucking play those games.

Hell even simpler

That game was stupid as hell and a good fucking time. Holy shit that game was a good time. Do more of that game devs. FUN. REMEMBER IT?


Remember when movies could be fun? What was the last FUN movie you saw?

You know what the problem is, everyone tries to bring their own fucking drama in. Prime example

Why do you need side story? Why does shit need to be 3 hours long? You cant make a fucking awesome 2 hour movie of just stupid shit.

Does everything need to have drama? It is totally possible to make a movie that is just filled with awesome shit. Where you dont need to insert all the problems of reality in there. Let me be clear, I am not calling out dramas. Of course you make masterpiece sad movies. That’s what gets us film nerds up in the morning.

I’m talking about movies on paper that seem like they were designed to be fun but are just a slog. Like everything by Zach Snyder.

Mortal Kombat is another good example. Another franchise that could be fun. Instead we got this whole story about this guy and his kid. We got fucking a dude out to prove himself to his family, which is where he gets his real power from.

We don’t need ANY of that shit. You know what was fun?

Now that’s what I am talking about. That movie is insane. A fucking good time. And 90 FUCKING MINUTES. No extra back story. No waxing poetic about the frailty of human existence. Just fucking stupid, well made, awesomeness.


This is a little tricky cause pop music always has an sad edge to it, but look at what the number one album in the country is right now.

Knocking out the other album of breakup stuff from #1.

I get it. Sad bastard music is where the world is. I’m just saying, can we make room for some fun. Silk sonic is almost there if it didn’t sound exactly like The Delfonics. But, then it will be back to sad bastard music all the fucking time for the rest of eternity.

You walk into Starbucks, and you are just bombarded with depression.

Can’t we just get some fucking fun shit going? Some shit that is just fun. You know what was fun?

I’m not saying shit even has to chart. What I am saying is someone out there needs to make fucking awesome music. Not just more more sadness on your fucking face.

The pandemic was hard man. It was hard on all of this. Then fuckers tried to overthrow the government, and shit got more depressing. So, I get it. This is where we are.

But I am putting out a formal request. We need some fucking fun. I think we all could use a good fucking time. Just once. We got a big summer coming up. We are beating this thing, and we deserve some fun.

In the time since I started writing this, two fucking awesome trailers dropped. I’m going to go ahead and say I willed them into existence by writing this blog (ala the secret). Yup. All me.

Mark Hamill as Skeletor. And a cast that is equally as strong to match. Also, shout out to whoever edited this fucking trailer. They didn’t get paid enough.
The best part of Borderlands 2 was Tiny Tina’s D&D ripoff campaign. If this has even HALF of that rocket sauce, this shit is going to be fucking amazing.

Now it is possible that both of these fucking suck. Its just trailers. But this is a major step in the right direction. And I can dream, can’t I?

So, people who make shit. Devs, directors, artists. Just give me something fun. Make the fun album. Do some dope movies. Build a game around fun.

Cause we all deserve it.

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