Maybe Lazarus should have stayed dead

Oh praise be chirren. I have ressurrected the site (with some assistance and begging to people with talent).

You may be asking yourself right now, Right Reverend, why does this exist? Why restart a blog now after all this time. 

First, I say to you, shut up. 

Second, think about this blog as a reflex action. 

Something that needed to be done because the internet has finally lost its fucking mind.

Scratch that, it always was but it was religated to the hyper-nerds and people whose body odor alone would make them untouchable. 

I digress. This is a place for quality preaching. Yelling into the void for no one to hear. Like social media was before it went completely worthless. What that will look like, I do not know. Expect teachings, observations, me talkin shit, reviews of shit, and just generally unfiltered shit.

 I miss the days when like 5 people liked some shit you did and that was the best.  The joys of being wrong, as Dave Chappelle would say.

So expect the following things:

  • Good smells
  • Loose poos
  • Loosy Poosey
  • #facts
  • #bootyfacts
  • LOUD

So there you have it. All the important stuff. Now children, let us all enjoy. Dumb. As its supposed to be. 

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