Loose Thoughts on Drake v. Kendrick

A ton of people have given some thoughts on this, and produced some really great fucking content. Much better than I am going to do here.

But, given how huge this fucking beef was/is, it occupied a ton of real estate in my head.

So think of this an exercise to get my thinking out of the brain and on here, so I can stop thinking about it.

I have described a blog to you…. Lets just fucking get to it.

Drake is a fucking dogshit rapper, entertainer, popstar, whatever

When the beef started, I steered the Great Album Project toward Drake and Kendrick.

This felt like an obvious move to me. The most exciting thing in hip hop in like 15-20 years (more on that in a minute), and I don’t have the full context.

Kendrick, I had heard a few of those records. The big critic darlings. But, drake…I knew nothing.

Zero. Sure I had heard the songs you cant escape. The ones they parody on SNL. A full album though? Nothing.

So, we fuckin did it. Every single thing Drake recorded. Here’s what I learned.

Drake is straight garbage. The music is the most boring “chill vibes” music ever made. Like not that he is trying to do ambient music or something. He has these basic ass beats with boring ass droning synth over all of it. Like fans get pissed when he does “something different“… but I have a philosophical question…is any of it different?

Every fucking Drake song is this beat over him being sad about some stripper who fucked him over or a girl he wants or how much he does for his crew. It’s like if you never heard Belle and Sebastian and focused your entire life on the club…that would be Drake’s music.

I go into any discography looking for good shit. And even in rough times, I can find SOMETHING. Hell I walked away from Pazuzu’s discography with a handful of songs I think are really great. Drake? I got nothing. Its all bad. I can’t imagine the person who likes it. Some shameful ass shit. Go listen to anything else. If you took Spotify’s entire catalogue and hit random you would have a better chance of finding something better than drake.

This was not a competition. This was an ass beating.

This again should be clear to fucking everyone. It isn’t. I’ve seen a bunch of randoms (who clearly must like…enjoy drake) say that Drake held his own.

No…no he fucking didn’t. Drake isn’t built for this cause he’s not a rapper. He has no idea how to actually exist in this world. The first time he engaged with a real rapper, he got fucking embarrassed.

Now he is up against Kendrick. Now, having gone through his discography, K Dot’s biggest strength is creativity. Every time he releases something, it may not be something I return to, but its always something I think is more interesting than everything else.

Drake’s entries in this beef were proof that even on his best day he can only approach any rap craft from a perspective of templatized boringness. Kendrick knew what Drake was going to do not only because he had a mole on the inside (allegedly), but because Drake is super fucking predictable. He knows what he will do cause I could have predicted it. Some big budget shit that sounds overly smooth while centering all the disses around shit Kendrick has already rapped about.

Yep, that’s what he did. So what did Kendrick prepare in advance? A new entry of the mount rushmore of diss tracks…

How do you really get at Drake? Not by calling him a PDF File. By having a better fucking dance track than he can do.

Not Like Us is better than Drake’s entire discography. Drake should feel fucking embarrassed. This has to hit him way harder than the Story of Addidon. This hits him in the one thing he is proud in…making dance music. And now he has some shit that will chase him forever. People will be jamming to this song at minimum all summer. If not…long into the future…

In fact, this is the exclamation point. When people think of this beef, they are going to think of this song. And dance along the way.

Kendrick has more talent in his fingernails than you have in your entire body. Feel ashamed. Cause you fucking should.

Hip-hop needed this beef

Think about it…what was the last great thing in rap. Gotta be K Dot’s own TPAB right?

Things had gotten boring and everybody’s heroes were failing. Kanye went a much more unacceptable brand of insane. Everyone’s latest projects were meh. A ton of people were talking about rap’s demise.

My neophyte opinion on this was what happened to rap is the same thing that happens to a bunch of genres…people got lazy. Rested on their laurels. Released shit that didn’t make people want to chant it in the streets.

And now we have the shot in the ass…and man its been fun to watch. That weekend where it was track after track…that was one of the most exciting things to happen in music…not just rap…in a long fucking time. It was so exciting I fucking absorbed myself in it.

I just hope they don’t lose the momentum. Kendrick: make your next project really kickass. You got Mr Morales out your system. Do something really fucking great, we need it.

One final thought…what the fuck does Drake even do next.

Like…he can’t go back to just making more shitty sad bastard stripper music? I guess he could…He probably will…cause he has no talent for anything else.

Seriously Drake, prove me wrong. I know you wont. You got a ton of projects under your belt and they are all bad.

If I were you, I would take the dough and disappear into the sunset.

You wont. Cause you suck.

badd kid. m.A.A.d. shitty.

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