Election 2020: Let the Liquor do the Thinking

 Well today is the day. Today we see how fucking dumb we all are again. Its like a forehead temperature gauge for stupidity. 

I wont start the major random posts till polls start closing. So be on the lookout around when results come in for whatever I feel like saying. 

For now, don’t let anyone take your franchise. Go do your shit, or you will not be blessed by any flava. 

big freedia vote

Is it just me or does it feel like the calm before the storm?

I kind of expected more stupidity by now. But shit seems to be going…smooth. Like the poo. 

Is this a preview of coming attractions? Will tonight be less stupid? Something tells me no, but as usual, I would be glad to be wrong.

And now, what is hopfully the stupidest complaint of the night, my fucking Chinese food is late. I can’t think to provide quality hatin here. Need energy to hate. Hopefully it gets here not fucked.

K, got my food. 

Already panic sets in. As soon as the news reports Miami-Dade’s count, my wife sets into immediate despair. 

The presidency cannot rely on one damn county or really a state. 

I look forward to the day when Florida and Pennsylvania no longer matter

Well, this was not the best idea I have ever had. 

But I suppose thats how it goes. 

In my head, I wanted to talk shit all night. Tell everyone to fuck off. 

At this point in the evening, it feels like the immortan is going to pull the thing out. 

My wife is gone. Total devastation. 

Me, I am illogically calm. I should be destroyed too. Maybe I am, but I just process it different. 

I am completely and totally numb. I think in a weird way I knew this was going to happen. 

Not the win per se but like…..the continued deuteriation of decency. 

I kind of understand why people move into the middle of no where, never to be heard from again. You know….

The TV has been off for an hour. We didn’t even turn it off during 2016. 

Its a dark moment right now. 

I’ll post again before I sign off but don’t expect much more. I think numbness is the prevailing thought of the day. 

Who knows where we go from here? I do not. 

It’s possible it all clears out in a day or two and we know something for sure. Maybe not. I dont know. 

It has been an odd night. Not like 2016. Its weirder somehow….I will have more cohesive thoughts at some point. Stay safe everyone out there. 

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