An Ode to the Album Closer

The great album project has lead us to Kate Bush, which should not be too surprising. But, going through her records made me want to write up something about the way I approach albums.

I think more than anything else on a record, I put a lot of weight on the album closer. In fact, I will look forward with anticipation to the last track on the record.

There is a few reasons for that.

It’s the last artistic message you get to leave the audience. Your closing remarks. The punctuation to your sentence. It’s also a chance to really go out there. If the person was a big enough fan to go front to back on an album, you might as well reward them with something really big.

I don’t think I am alone in saying that none of this is a new concept. I’m not a fucking genius.

I just tend to gravitate towards them. I find the artist gets a moment to stretch, to really go outside themselves and end their track on a high point. The label wont give a shit. You don’t end an album on a single. You end an album on something for the fans.

And if you waste it, you have squandered your biggest opportunity. When an album just…fucking ends… it makes me sad.

You don’t always need to kick ass in an ending, but you need to do something that has the right resonance. Something that just feels right with the rest of the record.

Ending strong. That’s what its about. Like the last song in a set. It’s also a bit of a farewell for now. Like this is the end of this period of creativity. Maybe you give a taste of what is coming next. Maybe not.

Maybe its more of this is the extent to where, as an artist, I have gone to at this time.

Also, a really great last track makes you feel like you want to start the record over again, just to get to experience the journey again. Like, damn they cooked up some good shit with this one.

So, I guess I just close to say, break out your favorite records. Pay some love to those closing tracks. Pay some love to artists who want to care enough to give you something really great to think about as you end a record.

Not every artist does, so just show some love on those album closers. Let them breathe. Hang out with them. You won’t regret it.

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