A Song of Shame and Ire – S8E6 – Finale

It is fin. We done yall.

  • I kind of feel like last week’s episode should have ended with Jon killing Dany, instead of arya running around the city. Maybe that would be too much shit. Just feels disjointed. 
  • Drogon now shoots flames of symbolism. THRONE, BLARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  • I feel like Bran as king has been set up for a while. They always hinted at a new Bran the Builder. And now we have Bran the Builder v2.0. 
  • However, D&D handles it with no grace. I cannot figure out why everyone are listening to Tyrion in chains. 
  • Jon Snow being made to take the black leaves his character with only one purpose. Killing Dany. Thats pretty much what he needed to stick around for. 
  • Definitely LotR vibes here. Feels like 85 different endings. 
  • Having a fucking book called A Song of Ice and Fire feels like a joke. Hey book readers, heres that shit you will never get.
  • I cant believe Bronn actually got highgarden. Why the fuck would any of those cats listen to him. 
  • Doggo got a pet. And Tormond got no dialogue. 
  • And so it ends much as it began. Repairing after a war. Hard winter leading into a spring. Will the actual cycle repeat? Unclear
  • Also, heres a theory. Does the Three Eyed Raven come back every now and then just to push humanity in the right direction? Does it matter? Does anything matter?

And so it ends. Personally, I am just glad to have an ending. Ill remember this season fondly. Mainly because of the delicious internet vitriol.

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