A Song of Shame and Ire – S8E5

Time is a flat circle.

  • Hear me out. This ending would have totally worked if they would have stuck to the books. Obviously this is where they are going. And this is the first episode in a long time that has the dragon’s power to scale. If they hadn’t rushed a bunch of character changes, and nerfed Cersei’s dragon’s flight ability so Euron fucking Greyjoy could kill one, this makes sense. 
  • Why do they keep going back to dragonstone. Seems like a giant tactical misstep. 
  • I feel like Varys would have dipped the second it got to stupid
  • Tyrion resucing Jamie is a nice little closing of their arch.
  • I cant fucking believe Euron fucking Greyjoy, the biggest bitch in the seven kingdoms, managed to fucking find the secret way in AND managed to mortally wound the kingslayer. What a fuck. 
  • Straight up, best death this season was Qyburn. 
  • How the fuck did the Hound kill 4 kingsguard without trying. Like they have whole books about the kingsguard, and he managed to kill 4 in one sitting. I dont think Jamie even killed that many when he killed his king. 
  • I did appreciate the fact that the Mountain basically cant die. Only time will tell if all the Clegane bowl people are satiated. 
  • Arya’s survival seems very…Arya? Like the Hound pulling her out of the crowd after watching her dad die. 
  • One dragon is all it takes. Trust me, this would have made more sense without the rushed stupidity of the last two seasons. 
  • So now what, Arya kills dany now or die trying? And Jon sits on the throne? I assume? Or whatever throne is left. 

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