A Song of Shame and Ire – S8E4

Lets go

  • This was the episode of awkward desperation. Like a Violent Femmes record.
  • Dany be giving out free shit. Good on Lord Gendry B. Sounds strong to go with the beef. 
  • But of course, being Lord Beef doesn’t mean you get to civilize a straight killing machine
  • Tyrion can smell if you have fucked or not
  • I cannot imagine a worse person to express your life sorrows to than the Hound
  • You know, i have been a fan of these books for a long time. And Brianne wanting to fuck the Kingslayer has been established. I just didn’t think it would actually happen
  • Jon Snow apparently never learned the rule of secrets. you tell one person, its not a secret anymore. 
  • Bronn is the chief pimp. Can show up anywhere anytime to get free shit
  • Ok, this I think is complete shit. You cant give away a direwolf. That feels fucking wrong. How the fuck is ghost going to be cool going with Tormund and shit. 
  • Also complete shit, did Euron, the biggest bitch in the seven kingdoms, Greyjoy get his battle tactics from George McClellan? You managed to kill a dragon without even trying with ballistae. And destroy all their ships. How the fuck do you not surround dragonstone, try to kill the other dragon, and pick people off on the shore. Like you go for the kill man. This is why you a bitch. 
  • Same shit for that bullshit at the end. Why not just have the archers slaughter what’s left of the unsullied at range. None of this makes sense from a tactics perspective.
  • I have also decided to stop caring about distance and time. They don’t. Why should I?

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