A Song of Shame and Ire – S8E3


That may be the scariest fucking battle that’s ever been put to film. Got damn. 

  • Where the fuck was all this R’hllor shit for Stannis the Mannis. He gets no fucking flaming swords and shit? 
  • If 100k dothraki screamers get ate in a second. I would drop the phattest shit anyone has ever seen in my pants
  • Is this the first time we really get strong Unsullied battle tactics? Bout fucking time. 
  • The dead always take the Zapp Brannigan approach to things. 
  • House Mormont fuckin taking the hard blows and shit
  • This episode finds this perfect balance between suspense and sheer horror. That is commendable. 
  • Is Arya Azor Azhi now? This is unclear. Is R’hllor actually the multifaced god? 
  • K, the night king flexing on them with their own dead. Boss. 
  • Theon Greyjoy had the shittiest life of all time. Gets his dick chopped off and shit. Tortured for years. Just to get bleed out by a ice demon. 
  • SO who all died? I am not 100% on this. Its the one negative I have. It had to be chaos, but there is a ton I couldn’t tell. We lost a dragon in there right? Did Tormund die? Grey worm? I feel like there is alot unsure. 

Lastly, how the fuck do they top this. How can the actual 7 kingdoms fight be better than that. That is all. 

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