A Song of Shame and Ire – S8E2

A much better episode than the first one. Here are some quick thoughts:

  • They should have fucking made the first episode of the season double as long. I am not sure this needed to be two separate episodes. Like if you are not going to develop the interactions any further, then just get on with it.
  • On the previous point of either get on with it or actually develop these interactions, I feel like Bran gets the short stick here. No one has any reason to believe the importance of the three-eyed raven to the world or what it means. So when he says the Night King will come for him. We know it, but I am not sure if the characters in that room have reason to believe it. 
  • Also, his interaction with the person who crippled him is like hella short. 
  • Is the multi-faced god actually looking to take down the Night King, who is effectively taking down his job. Someone smarter than me posited a theory that the multi-faced god sent arya to take out the night king because he is threatening to take death away from him. This is starting to make more sense. 
  • This whole season is 100% worth it if not just for Tormund’s story about suckling at the Giant’s teet. 
  • “The Lord of Light” is going to wonder why he brought you back 19 times for me to chuck you over this fucking wall
  • Beef. Its whats for dinner. And Gendry is dishing it out. 
  • Speaking of beef. Podrick got phat dick and can sing. God damn some people just have perfect D&D character sheets. 

I’m ready for the fight now. Lets get it on. 

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