A Song of Shame and Ire – S8E1

Hello parishoners

Today, I have something completely different. For a few seasons now, I have been doing recaps of Game of Thrones on various internat mediums. And now I will bring that shit here too. 

A few housekeeping items: Literally none of this will make sense unless you just saw S8E1. I am not going to explain anything I am writing. You have to follow along in real time. Also, these are hot takes. Any future predictions were written at the time of the airing of this episode. Also, this will not be verbose unless necessary. Expect mostly bullets

Oh and I stole part of the title of this series from people smarter than me

So, with that, here we go. 

Overall, a fine episode to start with. No action. Just incest is the best.

  • I like that HBO gave them more budget for the intro. The best title sequence they have had in 3 seasons. Nice touch
  • “Because I have balls and you don’t” #facts #ballsfacts
  • The show has an issue with people seeing Dragons for the first time. This is a classic book vs page thing. The wonder and scale of it all will ring better on a page than it ever will with some actor starring at a green ball off in the distance. 
  • House Mormont still takes no shit. 
  • I feel like this episode has a ton of “talking to the camera” jokes. Like we know you are here. We know this show has fans, so we gunna make these jokes that reddit will love. 
  • How in the world does Euron, the biggest bitch in the seven kingdoms get to fuck Cersei. I guess it goes to establish how little she values sex. 
  • Qyburn is a fucking boss. “Oh yeah, one of dem bitches gunna die of the clap. I can smell that shit.”
  • Dany STILL needs to stop assuming everyone will suck her dick. 
  • Gendry is gunna get it in Arya. Straight up. Hot beef injection
  • Fuckin, wtf is up with the White Walkers going straight True Detective Yellow King on randoms. Like they about symbols now? Sending a message? Like we gunna let them know things are going to be bad. This feels dumb. 
  • John Bradley is a beast of an actor. Not many people can make up for the writers trying to hurry along with the story, by actually having real emotion for his shitty dad dying. I connect with this feeling. 

That is all for now. More as the liquor wills it. 

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