A Diss Track Against Humanity

Most random meme-type shit I am sent on the internet…I dont like.

I feel like its a volume issue rather than anything else. There is just so much shit out there, and everyone likes their specific thing. And thats fine, nothing wrong with that.

But thats not me. I am looking for gold. I want the best of the best.

And sometimes….sometimes….you get exactly what you need… a friend of mine hipped me to exactly what I needed

Smokin the Qui-Gon Jinn Vietnamese Phillips-head runts
She sucked me like a cordless Dyson V8

The total runtime of all 5 Dracula Flow videos is about 45 min. It honestly took me closer to two hours to consume it all cause I couldn’t fucking breathe. I was asked several times if I was ok.

So…what the hell is this? As far as I can tell, its some ultra indie label that is funded by Joji. Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe this. I want to believe that this is Joji’s way of still scratching that filthy frank itch, while still maintaining his mainline of sad asian 14 year old girl music.

I fucking want to believe.

Cause this shit, isn’t gold. Its fucking platinum.

 I was flippin’ bricks for Mansa Musa before y’all even became a type one civilization

Why is it so good? Keep it simple.

Get an actor who doesn’t belong reading hard rap lyrics. Dress him like a shitty hammer vampire. And write the best fucking lines you have ever heard in your life.

No beat. Don’t need it.

This is like if the movie Trash Humpers was freestyle rapping.

Its a combination of execution and writing that makes this an ascended masterpiece. Each line demands analysis. We are plowing through at breakneck speed. You have to rewatch, pause rewind, analyze like its Nostradamus quatrains.

You know, we live in a time where diss tracks are fucking back and screamin hot. This feels like a diss track against humanity. We just have to accept dracula’s judgement at this point. We fuckin earned it.

It’s like. Every single person who makes memes on the internet should feel embarrassed. Dracula Flow has made everything you do look even dumber than it is.

58% THC pre-rolled joints. Rolled in keef, had me readin’ the Book of Revelation.
We are indeed close.

The last one is marked as the finale. Which makes me fucking sad.

Like you guys could sit on this for 5 years and randomly cut another one, and I would be fucking satisfied with the frequency.

Maybe it got too popular. Maybe they want to keep this shit small.

Who knows…

BUT, I am extremely grateful for what we have. And I will come back to it often.

You should as well. Because for all the dogshit youtube, tik tok, or other meme delivery horseshit out there, there are so few things that are actually genuinely good.

This is just not fucking good. Its fucking great.

Now if you will excuse me, I gotta go smoke this eucalyptus pigeon shit.

I’m fucked up drinkin’ a Chinese Modelo
I’m smokin’ on that hush puppy limón
Broke boy wasn’t ballin’ enough
Welcome to the Wong Dong Tigers

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