Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #60

Alcohol intake a go. Lets do the fucking thing.

Got damn, this year needs to end. Big time needs to end. One of my wife’s aunts died. Both my wife and I are dodging bullshit at work. And we still got to gear up for all the holidays.

I had a night this week where I think I slept 2 hours. Staring at the ceiling. Worried about the future. Worried about our house’s finances, worried about tomorrow.

Made it to Friday, and I guess that is as much as anyone can hope for these days.

I said to my wife this week that I don’t remember being this excited for a New Years Eve ever. Just light speed me through the year.

And, all I have is hope. Hope that next year is better. It won’t be. But, I can dream, can’t I?

All kind of shit going on the world. We almost had WWIII. Crypto is finally imploding from the scams. Can’t get beer at the World Cup. And all that is on anyone’s minds is Ol’ Incel Memes fucking shitting the bed at Twitter.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all in on it too. It’s fun to see all of his dreams crash in real-time with everyone watching. The man even went Gul Dukat on his staff yesterday (see below).

However, there is an element of missing the forest for the trees. The far right people are cheering on the “commies” leaving twitter.

I can only hope they see the truth which is, people don’t want to live insane day to day. They want stability. Thats all anyone wants in this world, stability. Elon is going to kill twitter because he thought everyone 1) thought he was awesome, 2) thought he was funny, and 3) agreed with him that the best thing that could happen to twitter is for it to be an open forum for white people to say the n-word.

What happens from here, who knows? Elon going to pay the hard price from here on out.

In the time it has taken me to write this much stuff, my son has a 100.2 fever and feels like crap. Same as it ever was.

Lets wade into another mess shall we? Earlier this week Jon Stewart spoke out about all those fools talking shit, including Dave.

I am not going to pretend to be an expert in these matters. In fact, I am a fool at best.

Here’s my take. I get what Jon is saying. But, there comes a point where even seeing people live cannot drag people up out of the depths of their depravity. I think there are some people who are so fucking lost that I am not intelligent enough to bring them back.

I think Dave is trying (in his way) to bring them back a bit, but I don’t think that will do it.

I have no fix for any of this. As usual, things will get dumber from here.

All that being said, this sketch is dope. Dunno what that says about me.

I was going to write more, but with a sick kid in the house, I am packing it up.

Here is hoping for a better tomorrow. Will we all have one? I can only hope. More preaching when I can manage it.

Why I Don’t Do Holiday Parties (Storytime)

[Editor’s Note: Yet another shit week. I tried and failed at 2 other posts. This one only fell in my lap, as it is the time of year that invites go out. So, here we go.]

I am not much for social gatherings. Never have been. If its not clear by the blank rants on the internet, I try to avoid large gatherings of strangers whenever possible.

Well, in my very first year of work at my very first job, I had to bend that rule once. Only once.

See, at work, I kept to myself. Didn’t talk much. Did my job. Participated in meetings (as needed), and went home. No after hours socializing for myself. I had enough friends. Didn’t need to make any more. Certainly not at work.

It got to be about this time of year, and the company holiday party invites came in. I ignored it. My team leader asked me if I was going to go. I said “I am not much of a party person.”

Back and forth conversation ensued. More than I wanted. Then, he said, “Ok, I’ll make this deal with you. You go this time. You don’t like it. You never have to go to another holiday party ever again. You will never know if you hate it, if you don’t go.”

I said, “When is the team going to be there. Because I am not going alone.”

He said, “It starts at 7pm and ends at 11pm. We will be there at 8pm.”

I said, “No problem. Ill be there at 8pm.”

In those days, I was just starting out. Saving up for a wedding ring. Didn’t have dough to spend on parking downtown. Uber and Lyft wasn’t a thing yet. Neither was smartphones.

So, I wore the only suit I had, and I rode the bus. Rode it down to the nearest cross street. Walked one block, and there was a shuttle there to take us the rest of the 2 miles down to the holiday party at the end of this private road.

Imagine the biggest fucking ballroom you have ever seen. Double that. There were 2,000+ of us in one room, and there was still plenty of room to walk around. A bar every 30 yards. Big band on a stage. Some tables. Some foodstuffs scattered about.

And there was two floors of it. In a giant circle.

I got there at 8pm on the dot. It took me 30-45min to make the two laps in an attempt to find my team. No luck. I wasn’t a big drinker then, but I got a drink to walk around with.

And walk I did. I even made one more lap of both floors after that cause I couldn’t find them. I texted my team leader. THEY, unbeknownst to me, met up at one of my other teammates houses and were all going to leave together. They were apparently 10 min out.

Ok cool. I killed some time. Walked around. Said hello to the few people I recognized. Stared out the window.

It got to be 9:45-9:50, so I called them. I could tell by the background noise they hadn’t left yet. They told me they were leaving now…

I was pissed. To say the least. I said, “I know no one here, and I’m not intruding on people’s conversations. Get here.”

More time passed. And then more.

It got to be 15 min to 11pm. I had been there for almost 3 hours and talked to no one. I called and left a voicemail that I was leaving.

I go to walk out the door, and they all walk in together. Fucking drunk. Apparently the pregame went well.

I still told them I was going to leave. My team leader told me to stick around and that the fund was getting ready to start.

By now, the band had finished. Food was being cleared. I turned around for a second because one of the people I interviewed with saw me. We talked for maybe 5 minutes. I turned around and the entire team was gone.

I spent another 10 min to find one of them, told them curtly that I was leaving. They said for me to stay and I cut them off, “NO. Have a good night.”

I walked out….the shuttle had stopped. The only option was to pay for a cab ride or hitch a ride with one of the few bigwigs who got a parking spot.

…or walk…

I walked 2 miles back to the main road. In a full suit and dress shoes. To get on the bus to head home.

Luckily that went off without incident.

The following Monday I got in the room with my team late because of traffic and…I would like to say I am a better man, but I am not. I read them the fucking riot act.

“Why did you even make me go? You didn’t show up when you said. I don’t know any of those people, and I am not a social person by nature. I waited for three fucking hours for you to all show up drunk. Never ask me to do anything after work again. I can’t trust any of you.”

I turned to my team leader, “And you. I went. I hated it. I will never go to a holiday party again.”

He nodded.

Like they apologized and shit. But fuck that. That’s low. Why the fuck drag me there. I guess they thought via osmosis I would have a good time.

Over the years, they were nicer to me. And never again did they leave me in the lurch like that. But, to this day, I go to no holiday party. Period.

So, again this year, the tradition continues. Fuck people. I want nothing to do with them.

That is all.

Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #59

The week wasn’t bad. It’s spooky season, so I am feeling that. Lets dive right in.

So, I watched a ton of spooky shit this halloween. Nothing will beat Deadstream for holding the place in my heart, but in a close second is Barbarian.

An incredibly well edited, shot, put together piece of schlock. If you have half an interest in watching it, don’t even read the cast. Just go watch it. It works the best without having any idea where the movie is going to go.

I’m not even going to put the trailer here. Watch it if you are interested.

Well it finally happened. Ol Incel Memes has control over everyone’s favorite place to go to hate each other.

First off, I fucking knew he was going to have to buy it. Too good of a deal for everyone involved. The shareholders, employees, and executives get crazy stupid overpaid. Everyone gets parachute deals. Its too good of a deal.

Second, alot of people are freaking about what will happen next. Will he make crypto a central part of the platform? Will the immortan get put back on twitter?

Here’s the correct answer: Who gives a shit.

Whatever twitter was or is, it wont be going forward. Itll be something else. If you think its better or worse, probably has alot to do with how closely aligned you are to Ol Incel Memes’ view of the world.

For me, I expect a slow painful death into crypto hell. But, I’m sure I won’t escape it in the short short term. Lets see how dumb it has to get to fully chase me away. Probably before Ol Incel Memes starts charging Doge for shit.

You know, half of my feed is filled with the latest terrible shit being done by the immortan’s followers. And it happens every day.

So much so that its hard to keep up and easy to get frustrated.

But I want to turn your attention to one piece of pure bullshit that is a mandatory read.

The Federalist, a long time conservative shithole, has published something that is truly terrifying on multiple counts. To the point where, I can’t fucking believe they published it.

Some thoughts on it. Don’t ever call anyone on the left a worrier for nothing anymore. That article supports christian facism, and there is no other way to sugar coat it. The whole piece is discussing the concept of using “big government” to enforce the values that they feel are correct.

This has basically been the thought I had all along. That people like me are going to end up in some sort of re-education camp for the heathens to get you to feel all 1950s WASP-y inside.

The piece also has this weird tear of luddite? It basically argues that conservatives should have shut down the internet (or regulated it) when they had the chance in the 90s. With the concept their being I guess people wouldn’t learn that other ways of living existed?

It is a terrifying season, and I watched a shit pile of horror movies. Nothing is as scary as this. Stare straight into hell. The poet does not avert his eyes.

Plus, they laid their cards on the table. Now, we can actually be prepared and avert this catastrophe.

Now that you are good and terrified. Lets end on a lighter note.

No story here, just. Despite all of this. I managed to have a good week this week. Exercised a bunch. Little man is doing well in school. Things are quiet at the house. All of us are excited for halloween.

And I think thats how you get through the tough times. Find the little joys and take them when you can. Cause you know there is more pain around the corner.

Have a great weekend and a happy halloween. Ill catch you on the flipside.

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